That’s a Wrap – Using Wrappers To Protect Pallet Boxes

pallet wrappers

Many businesses will already be aware of the benefits of using plastic pallet collars and lids. However, another effective way of protecting your goods once on a pallet is to use pallet wrappers. As a business you may already be wrapping your pallets by hand with shrink wrap, this doesn’t provide the same level of protection and uses unnecessary effort that wouldn’t be needed with a pallet wrapping machine. Pallet wrappers provide an efficient solution to your workplace and allow you to save time and money for other business needs.

What is Pallet Wrap?

Pallet wrap for pallet boxes is a method of securing products on a pallet, it is designed to wrap around the outside of thpallet wrapperse goods and create a tight seal in order to keep the products together and secure. Pallet wrap keeps the goods secure in transit, whether that is just around the warehouse or during the delivery process. The pallet wrapping keeps the goods secure by preventing sliding or any goods falling from the pallet and becoming damaged. This means that by using pallet wrappers you could reduce your returns, as goods and pallet boxes are less likely to become damaged or unusable.

How It Works

Traditionally pallet wrapping was done by hand, this uses unnecessary resources, both in staff and the amount of wrap needed to secure the pallet. Pallet wrappers require one employee to load the pallet onto the machine and then operate it. The machine will spin the pallet round and allow up to 50 layers of pallet wrap to secure the pallet. All this happens in a matter of seconds – saving your time and pallet wrappersresources as a business owner.

Why Use
Pallet Wrappers?

If you have a warehouse which stores and transports goods, then it is necessary to make sure that you are protecting these goods. It is likely that if products are left exposed then you will lose unnecessary inventory due to general wear & tear or from items falling and breaking. Both pallet wrap and pallet wrapping machines can be found through a number of retailers, including Focus Packaging.

The Benefits of Pallet Wrapping

There are huge benefits to your business of using pallet wrap with a wrapping machine:pallet wrappers

Less Waste – When you use a pallet wrapping machine you are significantly lowering the waste levels which are usually reached when you manually wrap pallets as a huge amount of shrink wrap is needed. A pallet wrapping machine can stretch film
up to 240 times its original size.

Less Man Power- A pallet wrapping machine for pallet boxes only requires one person to operate it, meaning that you can have other members of staff doing other tasks, or would mean you need less staff ultimately saving money. As mentioned above the machine can stretch the material up to 240 times its standard size, this could not be achieved by humans.

  • Professional Appearance– When pallets have been wrapped with a machine they look incredibly professional and sleek, improving the overall look of your warehouse. Using manual wraps never look as complete or professional, pallet wrap can give your business the professional edge it needs.

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