Upholsters in Stirling | Why You Shouldn’t Throw Out Your Old Sofa

upholsters in Stirling

Upholsters in Stirling can take your old, tired looking furniture and transform it to look as good as new – if not better! There are many benefits to upholstering your sofa instead of throwing it out and getting a new one.

What Can Upholstery Do?

Upholstery can transform your furniture by fixing a number of issues that sofas face due to natural wear, including;

  • Rips
  • Burns
  • Holes
  • Time worn furniture

Benefits of Upholstery

There are many benefits of upholstering your old furniture including;

New Look

Upholstery allows you to revamp your living space. It’s great if your updating a space and want to go the whole hall.

Improved Comfort

As well as changing the fabric on sofas and chairs, upholsters in Stirling can also improve the comfort of your furniture by replacing and adding extra padding. This completely transforms the look and feel of the sofa and plays a big part in the sofa looking better than new.


Upholstery allows you to restore pieces of furniture. If your furniture has great sentimental value or if it fits perfectly in an add shaped room or space, then you may be a bit more reluctant to get rid of it. But just because you want to keep it doesn’t mean it needs to be old.


Upholstering furniture gives you the option to customise it and suit it to your individual taste and style. With a range of fabrics, colours and patterns available you can create the sofa you’ve always wanted, for a fraction of the effort and price.

Better for the Environment

Not only is upholstery good to look at, it’s good for the environment too! Sofas that get thrown out usually end up in a landfill. When you add this with the amount of energy used to manufacture and distribute new sofas it’s a lot of Co2 emissions.

Aftercare Advice

Once your sofa has been upholstered, you will get advised on how to take care of it properly. You can buy cleaning solutions to help keep it fresh for as long as possible.

Less Expensive Than Buying New

Upholstery isn’t cheap, but when you compare it to the price of buying a brand new sofa it is! Sofas can be extortionate when bought new and usually take from 6-8 weeks to even get them into your living room. With reupholsery the process usually only takes 3-4 weeks.

Types of Upholstery

It’s not just sofas that can be upholstered. Some of the different types of upholstery include;

  • Sofas and sectionals
  • Chairs and ottomans
  • Lounges and benches
  • Headboards

Looking for Upholsters in Stirling?

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