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    We all want results that we can see. SEO is a tricky business and the rate of change in technology is enough to scare even the biggest businesses. Marketing has transformed over the last two decades, we have gone from basic mobile phones to having mini supercomputers in our pockets. Nowadays, we are using our smart devices at least every half an hour, it is simply a way of life. It is how we find restaurants, make friends, find love and even find out information about ourselves!

  • seo in glasgowBeing high on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) should be your goal. Your business should show up for particular searches – or “keywords”. For example, SEO Glasgow business, Smarter Digital Marketing can be found for a number of terms “digital agency in Glasgow” is one of them.  After some research into the industry, we have come to the conclusion that finding a good SEO consultant Glasgow, such as Smarter Digital Marketing, can be difficult, but when you do, the investment is worthwhile.
  • SEO Glasgow Advice

    SEO or Search Engine Optimisation as it is otherwise known is a hot topic with digital marketers.  Many digital marketing agencies offer the service, however, they do not always do the best job.  We would advise you that a good SEO agency in Glasgow will do in depth keyword research for your businesses industry and niche before undertaking any kind of digital marketing campaign.

    This is where auditing comes in. Finding the right keywords is crucial as these are the search terms that drive organic traffic to your site. Never sign a contract with an SEO Glasgow agency if they do not offer your business an SEO audit. This gives their business a chance to get to know yours. The main function of Google (or any other search engine) is to deliver relevant search results to a user for their query. The more relevant the keywords are that you are using, the better.

    seo glasgow

    SEO Services in Glasgow

    An SEO agency will provide SEO services in Glasgow than an in-house marketing team couldn’t. They will have all of the expertise, knowledge and software your business will need. Any good SEO Glasgow consultant will tell you that the key to a successful SEO Glasgow campaign is relevancy.

    Google will read to understand what the purpose and theme of a website is, so it is vital that your keyword or words focus that you wish to be found for.

    URL structure. This organises a website and allows Google to see what pages link and relate to other pages.

    Page Titles. Page titles should incuse your keywords. Keep them short and simple.

    Page Metas. Page metas are longer descriptions, keywords should be included within these two sentences or so.

    Headings. Keep the keywords in the heading of your websites and blog posts. Google loves content and you are giving Google a helping hand.

    Alt Tags. Pictures are important include keywords inside of these descriptions.




How an Online Training Course Can Add Value to Your Business

APMP Training

Adding value to a company can be tricky business. How to increase the worth of the business that you work for is something that most would place great importance in. It shows a willingness and commitment towards your role and the betterment of your employer. There are a few ways to go about it, but there is one approach which is garnering significant attention. APMP Training is an online course which adds value to a business through teaching candidates the best practices in leadership. Continue reading “How an Online Training Course Can Add Value to Your Business” »

Botox in Glasgow Means Big Business

botox training glasgow

Botox is a worldwide phenomenon and every year the number of women and men choosing cosmetic injectables rises. The people of the UK are investing more money than ever before on these kinds of treatments and one place where cosmetic training is becoming increasingly popular is Glasgow. The demand for cosmetic treatments means that Botox training in Glasgow is a firm favourite amongst medical professionals who are looking to expand their ever growing list of skills. This means that botox in Glasgow is becoming big business and if you are hoping to cash in on the trend, then Botox training in Glasgow is the best way to do so. Dr Darren McKeown says that “The art of injecting botulinum toxin lies in altering the delicate balance between the muscles of facial expression”. Find out more about this wonder treatment below.  Continue reading “Botox in Glasgow Means Big Business” »

Man Vs Machine

For years it has been feared that machines will replace people in the workplace and this is sadly becoming the case in many industries. Advancements in technology have meant that many repetitive manual tasks have been taken away from man and onto machine. This has been especially evident in heavy industry and manufacturing. The previous fears of early historians who predicted this however, failed to envision how the economy would survive and often thrive. They also failed to see that technology, although replacing many jobs would bring with it new industries and a need for new workers for a variety of roles. According to The Guardian, technology has created more jobs than it has replaced. This comes in various levels of change.

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Repeat Logo Providing the Best Business Logo Design

business logo design

At Repeat Logo, we specialize in business logos and property logo design. We understand how stressful it can be to create the perfect logo and that is why we are here to help you in the designing process. You will tell us what kind of logo you are looking for by choosing one of our many packages. After selecting a package fill out our design brief, and if you have extra requirements, you may contact us by email. After receiving payment, we will work hard to have the first logo concepts ready for approval in 3 – 5 business days.

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Ways to Improve the Overall Image of Your Business

As a business you should already be aware of the importance of having a positive image surrounding your business – both inside and out. What we mean by inside is the reputation of your business with a positive corporate culture and how you operate. Outside we mean how your business is perceived by your end product and overall branding. Here are some of our key considerations:

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Transform Your Smile with Your Glasgow Cosmetic Dentist

Orthodontist Glasgow

We have all been there. You have stuck religiously to brushing your teeth twice a day over the years but they still seem to look a little worse for wear. Like most of us, I’m sure you have craved a smile similar to those that grace the red carpet of Hollywood. If only there was a way that you could get one of those. As it turns out, there is the very thing that might just interest you. Did you know that your Orthodontist Glasgow could be the key to that Hollywood smile that you have always desired? Have a read below and find out how your dentist could give you healthy, glistening teeth and the smile that you deserve. Continue reading “Transform Your Smile with Your Glasgow Cosmetic Dentist” »

5 Habits of People Who Want to Move Up the Corporate Ladder 

Whether you’re at the bottom of the ladder or already on your way up, it’s important to understand that raw performance is not the only determinant of your career evolution within an organisation. Of course, poor performers are less likely to fast-track their career ambitions but many more factors can be accounted for. If you’re in a managerial role, you might want to track these habits and behaviours to identify who you should promote and who is not pulling their weight. Continue reading “5 Habits of People Who Want to Move Up the Corporate Ladder ” »

5 Tips for Writing a Business Plan

Writing a business plan can seem a daunting challenge. However, this skill is a vital requirement for any entrepreneur or business seeking to increase their chances of survival. Your future business largely depends on the design and performance of your business plan. Its importance is vital and getting it right is crucial. Below is a list of top 5 tips for writing that winning business plan and convincing those that matter that your plan is one worth investing in.

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Make Room for your Future With Packing Boxes

packing boxes

This time of year sees the mass exodus of twenty-somethings as they prepare to move back to the suburbs, after their four years of conquering the city as university students. With final exams at last in sight and the glittering promise of graduation, for many young people it can seem disheartening to move home. As they divide their things into packing boxes they are reminded of their reckless university days and the memories they have made. It’s easy to see why they worry that they’re giving up their independence in their decision to move back home. However, it’s essential to know that by making this decision, young people are actually taking their first steps in the direction of total autonomy.

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