UNLOCK is a unique organisation founded in 1999 by a group of ex-offenders, each of whom have, in their own way, successfully rebuilt their lives after serving prison sentences. They claim no accolade for this, but they rightly claim the experience of the great difficulties faced by those coming out of prison, and they have experienced too the many problems faced by ex-offenders; especially those who genuinely want to go straight in a society which always finds it hard to forgive and forget.

UNLOCK is the National Association of Ex-Offenders, and aims to work in partnership with both statutory and voluntary agencies in the criminal justice system in an effort to reduce crime.

As ex-offenders, we do this by utilising our personal experiences of crime and custody to inform political debate, positively influence Prison Service policies, and educate the public that assisting ex-offenders to reintegrate back into society is in the best interests of everyone. We advise and assist serving and former prisoners who demonstrate a genuine commitment to lead a crime-free lifestyle, and so help them become productive members of their local communities.