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    We all want results that we can see. SEO is a tricky business and the rate of change in technology is enough to scare even the biggest businesses. Marketing has transformed over the last two decades, we have gone from basic mobile phones to having mini supercomputers in our pockets. Nowadays, we are using our smart devices at least every half an hour, it is simply a way of life. It is how we find restaurants, make friends, find love and even find out information about ourselves!

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  • Being high on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) should be your goal. Your business should show up for particular searches – or “keywords”. For example, SEO Glasgow business, Smarter Digital Marketing can be found for a number of terms “digital agency in Glasgow” is one of them.  After some research into the industry, we have come to the conclusion that finding a good SEO consultant Glasgow, such as Smarter Digital Marketing, can be difficult, but when you do, the investment is worthwhile.
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    SEO or Search Engine Optimisation as it is otherwise known is a hot topic with digital marketers.  Many digital marketing agencies offer the service, however, they do not always do the best job.  We would advise you that a good SEO agency in Glasgow will do in depth keyword research for your businesses industry and niche before undertaking any kind of digital marketing campaign.

    This is where auditing comes in. Finding the right keywords is crucial as these are the search terms that drive organic traffic to your site. Never sign a contract with an SEO Glasgow agency if they do not offer your business an SEO audit. This gives their business a chance to get to know yours. The main function of Google (or any other search engine) is to deliver relevant search results to a user for their query. The more relevant the keywords are that you are using, the better.

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    SEO Services in Glasgow

    An SEO agency will provide SEO services in Glasgow than an in-house marketing team couldn’t. They will have all of the expertise, knowledge and software your business will need. Any good SEO Glasgow consultant will tell you that the key to a successful SEO Glasgow campaign is relevancy.

    Google will read to understand what the purpose and theme of a website is, so it is vital that your keyword or words focus that you wish to be found for.

    URL structure. This organises a website and allows Google to see what pages link and relate to other pages.

    Page Titles. Page titles should incuse your keywords. Keep them short and simple.

    Page Metas. Page metas are longer descriptions, keywords should be included within these two sentences or so.

    Headings. Keep the keywords in the heading of your websites and blog posts. Google loves content and you are giving Google a helping hand.

    Alt Tags. Pictures are important include keywords inside of these descriptions.